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Skipass rates 19/20



You can buy skipass directly at the skirental at Tryvann or online.


Skipass rates Adults from 16 years old
Drop-in 10-22 (10-17) 450 
2 days consecutive pass ** 780
3 days consecutive pass **  1100 
4 days consecutive pass ** 1300
8 days consecutive pass** 1750
Season pass * 2 900
Seasonpass family package can be up to 2 adults and 3 kids in the same family living at the same address 7 900
Chipkort/Keycard 60




 Membership Toddler (0-6)

 Membership Youth/Adult/Senior (7<)

Membership Family (2 adults, up to 3 children/youth 0-17 living at the same address)  


Membership can only be purchased via the app. Download "Skimore" in App Store or Google Play. 









Season pass Toddler (0-6)



Season pass Youth/Senior (7-15)/(67 – 80)



Season pass Adult (16 – 66)



Family package                  

(2 adults, up to 3 children/youth 0-17 living at the same address)  




Drop-in Toddler (0-6)



Drop-in Youth/Senior (7-15)/(67-80)



Drop-in Adult (16-66)




***80 years and above go free




 All tickets are personal. If you lend your card to another person the card will be confiscated. 

The fee for collecting a confiscated card is 1500 NOK. If this happens in a family package all cards in the family package will be blocked until the fee has been paid.

*) Season cards can only be used in Oslo Vinterpark and Drammen Skisenter. All season passes need a photo. If you lose your season pass additional 160,- kr will apply.If you forget your seasonpass additional 100,- kr will apply.

Seniors from 67 years pay ‘youth price’ ***80 years and above go free.
** 2 and 3 days consecutive passes can only be bought in ticket office, not online. 


  • A season pass/membership is valid in Oslo Vinterpark and Drammen Skisenter.
  • A recognizable facial image is mandatory.
  • Resale of membership/seasonpass is forbidden. Consequence is blocked/revoked membership/seasonpass. 
  • The skipass is personal and can not be shared for any reason.
  • If used by another person, the season pass/membership will be revoked/blocked.
  • If wrong personal information/facial image has been used with the purchase of a season pass/membership, it will be revoked/blocked.
  • Personal information on the membership/seasonpass cannot be changed after the time of purchase. 
  • If Skivettreglene are broken, depending on the serverity, the skipass may be revoked.
  • A revoked skipass can only be picked up by its rightful owner through a fee of 1500 NOK.
  • Applies only to family packages:
    -If a customer sets up a season pass or membership including a person outside their family in their household, this season pass/membership will be revoked/blocked for the remainder of the season with no refund.
    -Family members cannot be added after the time of purchase. 

With reservation for incorrect printing or VAT changes.